Startups We Have Helped

Some of the startups to which we have provided legal information:

ÍON     – Website: 


ÍON delivers tasty health tonics to enhance the health of teams in companies. Exclusively created for the corporate environment, the premium tonics may help to reduce stress, increase stamina, increase productivity and reduce sick-days. Each tonic is under-pinned by EU-approved health claims and contains herbs that are in season. The company is supported by Enterprise Ireland and has been featured in The Irish Times, IMAGE magazine and the Irish Tatler.

“I found the team at UCC IT Law Clinic extremely helpful to my request for legal guidance when selling online. They were most efficient in delivering a detailed response that was in-depth and thorough. I’ve taken their suggestions on board and I now feel more confident when selling my herbal health tonics online”
Dr. Aoife Kelly, ÍON

Newslinn – Website:   


Newslinn is building a network for journalists, and creating apps and new ways for citizens and organisations to communicate with them.

We have a citizen-to-journalist, real-time photo sharing network – helping protesters, community activists, and people connected with their community, to share photos of events and incidents with their local journalists. Our focus is to solve the challenges of discovery, first contact and distribution, when it comes to communicating with journalists.

Photo shows Newslinn’s 3 co-founders, Shane Devane, Suzanne Kennedy and Alan Mac Kenna, participating in Google’s Adopt a Startup programme this year.

“Newslinn would like to thank the Law Clinic at UCC and Dr Darius Whelan, for providing their beneficial guidance, time and expertise. Thank you.”